Canada Perforating Inc. came into being in October 2001 after the purchase of a building to expand the family business, Garrison Tool & Die Ltd (GTD). We learned that the building had belonged to a US perforating company which had made the decision to close its Canadian operation. An ex-manager of that company informed us that it had been the only perforating company in Canada and many of its former employees lived in the area.

The search for a larger facility had suddenly opened up a new business opportunity. GTD, established in 1964, provided design and fabrication of tooling and automated machinery for industries in southern Ontario as well as manufacturing fall-arrest hardware which sold worldwide. We thought… how hard can it be to stamp a bunch of holes into metal? … we can do that as well. It turns out that in order to be competitive in perforating, you need to be able to stamp 4,000 holes per second, for hours on end… not a simple matter.

We hired a handful of the ex-employees, acquired and rebuilt an old, scrapped perforating press. After building perforating dies for the most popular patterns, the company opened for business in January 2002. By the end of 2003 we had increased the size of the plant to 64,000 sq. ft. and moved our fall-arrest business into it. View Building Video » . A state-of-the-art 250 tonne Soenen CNC perforating press, commissioned in October 2001, was installed and in production by November 2002. In the following years we added a new 500 tonne Brück CNC press, automated the original ‘old’ press with NC controls and began the rebuild & retrofit of a thirty year old 250 tonne Brück press.

A state-of-the-art perforating press is an awesome, complex and precise machine… but… it is the ability to design, fabricate and maintain the tooling the presses use, that allows us to be successful at producing quality perforated material. View our Wire Cutting Hex Video »

We dissolved Garrison Tool & Die Ltd. in January 2014, when off-shore competition made it untenable to continue operations and at the same time Canada Perforating was increasing its business and required more and more of the facility. 

We’ve come a long way since the early days of Canada Perforating Inc., and have customers in every Canadian province and many US states. It hasn’t always been easy but it has been a great privilege to grow a successful company alongside a wonderful team of talented and committed people.

Don Coulombe

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